Our Web application development process

A web application is any application that uses a web browser. Few examples of web applications are web-based communities, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs etc. It could include simple web based form to complex applications like Google docs. It’s the evolution of the technologies have provided huge number of options to develop web app’s. You can use technologies like grids to frameworks available these days to create great web applications. At Development Next we use cutting edge technologies to develop web applications that really work. Here is the process of web application

Phase-1 Analysis

In this phase we gather as much as available information from you. Be ready for lots of questions in this phase? First and foremost thing we do about any web application is, if web application is about transforming business online then we will ask our client to tell us the whole manual process. And we will try to analyze all part of current manual process. Generally we try to understand your business process and try to think best way to make things less manually and more automatic. We will make notes of all your work and try to figure out general architecture of your web application. We have to know that tiny detail that you forgot to say because it could matter when it becomes online. So there will be lot of question/answer sessions also one more thing happens is we answer all your queries like how we are going to work on your system and we will give you detailed analysis with features listed in one document. That document is project specification document. We start our work only when you read that document and agrees on scopes & specification defined in that document.

Phase-2 Database Design

Based on first phase documentation and project specification document database designers meet with project manager who handles the project and creates one visual map of application. Generally it defines how your web application works. Ones that are ready based on that database developers plan database. Here many things are defined like business constraints and relationship between things first.

Phase-3 Development Strategy & Plan

Here we define how we are going to craft the application and prepare project matrices. Things like who will work on the project and timing and schedule of project will be defined here. Also burning question for developers like which technologies will be used which frameworks will be used is also discussed by a team of developers. Once all strategy’s are done project managers creates small module in application and gives the responsibility of those small module to developers it’s called package.

Phase-4 Interface design

This is the time where designers get involved with project team. Designer creates interface that helps your user base to quickly do things that you would do normally in your web app. At Development Next we have great test about web interfaces. We don’t like old kind of interfaces where there will be so much confusion that you would not be able to figure out anything. We design interfaces which is user friendly, highly innovative and inspirational and all we can say about them is it works period. Once interface is ready we will send you demo of that in image format. If you like it then process will go further or else you can suggest us changes in interface.

Phase-5 Coding

Well there will be lot more things like one step is craft that interface created by designer into real world code like xhtml, css or in a general term webpage. We will try to use all new technologies available to give you great user experience. Once we have the interface ready we will start coding. At Development Next we use huge number of platforms like php, mysql, asp .net, mssql, python to create web applications. Most of the time we use some short of framework to leverage the power of design patterns like MVC or Object oriented pattern. We love open source and we use frameworks like joomla or codeigniter, zend framework, cakephp to develop great applications.

Phase-6 Testing & Deployment

In this phase as word describes itself testing happens. Here many things happen like modules are merged together we created at development phase and things will be tested against common test cases like wrong inputs and security checks. Once application passes from testers it will be ready to delivery. Here we will install our web application in client’s server and we run more test to check it everything is ok. Once it’s ready it’s open to launch.

Phase-7 Support & Maintenance

We do help people learning the new system. We help clients team to leverage the full power of web application that we develop. Well there is a saying ‘nothing is perfect’. We do try to create perfect applications but sometimes errors do occur or bugs may come. We help our clients to solve those bugs and errors in maintenance period. One thing for web apps are certain they never die as time passes it needs new features, maintanance and support.