Our web design process

At Development Next we have web design process which helps clients understand role of IT in his/her business. There are plentiful steps in the web site design and development process. From collecting initial information, to the design of your web site, and finally to maintenance to keep your web site up to date and current. Here are the steps or web design process model.

Phase-1 Analysis

In this phase we gather as much information from you. The first thing that we do here is ask you to questions which are based on your logo and on web design. There are lots of questions regarding your project. Once you answer those questions we will have basic understanding of what you really need and based on that output we will also look successful web sites in your business area and try to develop the answers you have provided for our designers so they can create web presence that can top in your business area.

Phase-2 Wire Frames & Web architecture

In this phase we plan out Using the information gathered from phase one, here we begin looking at your needs and plan out architecture of your project. Things like how pages will link to each other and architecture of page will be created here.

The architecture of links is called web architecture. It’s basically like main parts of your web site grouped together. Whereas the web architecture of your pages is called Wire Frame. Wire frame gives you basic idea of how your pages will be structured once it will be completed.

We will try to create wire frames based on web architecture and other information from client. These details are used for checking usability. We will test how easy it is for user to stay close around your web site architecture.

Phase-3 Design

Now based on web architecture and wire frames designer will create design. Design will be based on lots of factors. Your client/customers play very important role in Designs. Like if your client/customers base is for youthful then it will have color combination and theme which suits that youth. Whereas if your client/customers base is some company’s then your design will need to be professional.

Your logo will also be imperative part of design. As page should match your logo and other factor like your preferences over design, you may have preference about traditional design or modern designs. Once designer sort out all this information he will create layout based on all this inputs. This will be preview of how site will look after development (basically image file). After that designer will give this layout to you for your feedback on review. If you like the layout it will go for next phase or if you want changes it will go for modification with your feedback.

Phase-4 Development

This is the phase where from layout your real web page is created. Here developer will create working page from design layout given by web designer. Here developer needs to have very good knowledge of w3c standards and accessibility standards. Because this standards guarantee your website does not break on most of the web browsers as well as your website will be accessible for people with disabilities. Team of Development Next always tries to create SEO (search engine optimization) friendly website so you can get maximum exposure to search engines. This is the part which should be absolutely right because it’s the part which is core for your SEO techniques. We use W3C Recommended elements with your visual design so search engines can get maximum out of your site directly from xhtml and your web pages rank higher than other web pages.

Phase-5 Testing

Once developers have final outcome on all the things on your website it will be time for testing. Here many tests are carried out like how your site looks on different browsers. How client/customers feel about usability of your site. Also if you have dynamic or user interaction section in the structure of forms in your website it will be tested for both security and accuracy of data. Developers take remarks on those issues. Then developers will fix all potential problems found during testing. Once it is tested finally it will be given to client for testing. If client approves for it then it will be ready for deploying. Then we will save all your files into your web server and one more test will be taken to ensure its working on live version. Then your site is launched to public now.

Phase-6 Maintenance

This is the point where most of good websites fall into dark background of failure due to old content or due to no content. Search engines don’t rank web pages higher than your competition because your competitors who rank high either will have very strong content or very old reputation considering domain age and there are lots of factors for ranking higher in search engine. At Development Next we have studied internally how search engines rank pages.